Prescription Services

Fill/Refill Prescriptions

Filling and refilling prescriptions with Sprucewood Pharmacy is simple. Our team of experts are caring, confidential, and concise. You can fill and refill prescriptions in the following ways:

Over the Phone

Phone Sprucewood Pharmacy at 780-875-7283 and speak with one of the caring staff members.

In Person

Come to Sprucewood Pharmacy for your prescription fill and refill needs.

Online Refills

Click the button below to refill your prescription online.

Online Refills

Transfer Prescription

Transferring your prescriptions to Sprucewood Pharmacy is free, easy, and fast. You can transfer your prescriptions through the following methods:

Over the Phone

Phone Sprucewood Pharmacy at 780-875-7283 and indicate which pharmacy you’re transferring your prescription from. Our friendly staff will carry the transfer forward to completion, leaving you with peace of mind.

In Person

Come see us at Sprucewood Pharmacy, and our team can discuss your needs face to face. Remember to bring a list of your current prescriptions, as well as the pharmacy you’re working with.

New Prescriptions

If you’ve just received your prescription from a physician, come see the team at Sprucewood Pharmacy. We offer quick turn around, and knowledgeable answers to any questions you may have regarding your prescription.

We also offer free delivery of prescription orders within Lloydminster city limits.

Please call for more details.

Patient Information

Your personal and medical information is treated with dignity and respect, and held in confidence. We do not sell, trade, or rent our patient lists. The team at Sprucewood Pharmacy and the Compounding Corner have been established with patient care as the leading priority in everything we do, including keeping your personal information private and safe.